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Canvass Co. is a face-to-face fundraising agency that puts a meaningful mission at the forefront of what we do. Founded in 2019, Canvass Co. has since established offices in numerous locations across the country, with teams fundraising door-to-door from coast-to-coast on behalf of a variety of local, national, and global non-profits.

In 2020, Canvass Co. launched Canvass Calling, a tele-fundraising sister program that compliments Canvass, diversifying not only the services we proudly offer but also the ways in which we can employ team members and engage our communities around the issues they care about.

Together, our teams build out the donor base of nonprofits. Whether on the phone or at the door we are looking to place donors happily with long-term nonprofit partners. We intend to redefine face-to-face fundraising with innovative testing and science-based, data-driven approaches.

Empowering nonprofits by inspiring community action:


We raise awareness around critical issues and persuade community members to give monthly contributions at the door or over the phone. We sign up only the highest quality members, ensuring that the individuals we get involved are engaged with the movement and committed to donating long-term, which is the key to building out nonprofit power. We inspire our neighbors to take action, step off the sidelines, and become architects of our collective future.

Moving multiple movements –

and careers – forward:


With a robust, campaign-centric culture, we develop our team’s literacy around a multitude of critical, pressing issues, creating informed citizens and future leaders. With an emphasis on leader development and collaborative feedback, we seek to develop a team of autonomous, passionate individuals who have a growth mindset and a solutions-oriented lens. We believe canvassing is a catalyst for personal change, and we strive to make canvassing a sustainable opportunity for all those who wish to build a career while building a better world.


Creating a culture that builds connection and celebrates difference:


Together we are cultivating a national community of individuals that support, respect, and learn from one another. We cheer each other on, share success, and challenge each other to grow and thrive. We value open communication and believe in the best of people. With supportive managers and team training in equality and inclusion, aimed at nurturing emotional intelligence, we seek to foster empathy in one another and to build bridges that connect us across our differences.


Our People



| Kevin Schulman




| Josh Whichard



| Richard Duke

National Canvass Director

| Grace VanHenten

Director of People and Culture


| Jessica Arneson

Director of Client Relations 


| Stephen Kendall

Director of Telemarketing