Change your life, while changing the world

Our Motto



We strengthen movements, uplift worthy causes, and create positive change by empowering the charities we fundraise for and the community members we inspire.

We believe that every single person can be a solution to a problem if we all engage with the issues we’re passionate about addressing.

We know we’re stronger when we come together across our differences to create the community we wish for one another.

We connect team members and neighbors through our shared vision of the world, encouraging each other to get engaged and stay involved so we can turn that vision into our reality. 

Work With Us


Build your career while building a better world with competitive pay and benefits!


⁠⁠Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.

-Hank Rosso, philanthropy fundraiser, and educator.

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Canvass Co.


Together we can create change and opportunity for our communities. It all begins with you, join Canvass Co. in our mission to empower change.